Sunday, September 26th, 2021

Nicole Ashley: A Star in the Making

In a generation where it seems like autotune can transform anyone into a pop star (yes I’m talking about you Tiktokers), emerging indie artist Nicole Ashley shows us that raw musical talent still exists in the pop scene. 

Nicole’s one-in-a-million lyricism is pure stardom in the making. She proves to us that love songs don’t always have to be about the high points of our relationships. Instead of keeping these feelings hidden, we have to accept that the people most important in our life have, “motives that are blurry, I can’t see, please help me, I’ve fallen for a crime,” (lyrics I think all of us need to scream out). Who knew an inspiring 19-year-old artist could make the ultimate anthem for anybody in a relationship, especially as we watch her in her room express it wholeheartedly. Nicole Ashley’s voice is not the only thing great about her. Get to know the quirky and honestly beyond talented facts behind our Artist of the Week Nicole Ashley: 

  • I play 4 instruments: piano, oboe, guitar, and ukulele
  • I played Peter Pan in my 6th grade musical
  • I started a small embroidery business in quarantine!

Watch Nicole Ashley’s Unplugged version of her new single “Make a Scenes!” now on RecordDrop’s YouTube Channel

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