Monday, June 21st, 2021

June 2021 Webazine

Love: a word behind millions of songs, and the plot to many of our favorite movies. Are the Beetles right that, “All You Need Is Love”? 

20-year-old rising Singer-Songwriter Kate Stephenson is reteaching the way we deal with love and heartbreak. Kate has written a song called “Exless”, that has reached millions of hearts. It expresses the feelings and emotions that one feels when they are love-sick-without-a-lover. 

In the song, Kate tells an entire generation that “it’s okay to have had a few heartbreaks more than I’ve had dates, but I just want to love before I lose.” What’s the full story behind this song? Watch our latest RecordDrop Session “Setting the Record Straight: Exless by Kate Stephenson”

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