Sunday, September 26th, 2021

Indie Artists Answer: What Does It Mean To Be An Artist?

For the 10th edition of RecordDrop’s Webazine, we wanted to take a moment to look back at the Webazine’s original mission: sharing what it means to be an independent artist. Whether you are an indie artist, producer, DJ, creator, or just an overall music appreciator, we want to honor you – the music makers and shakers. 

We’ve asked indie artists, in four words,  describe what it means to be an artist. Their answers show that there isn’t just one way to define an artist and that music is truly universal. Music is how artists connect with their listeners and their listeners with each other, it is an intrinsic link between people. So, no matter how different we all may seem, we will always be connected by music. 

Now, without further ado here’s to the 10th edition of the RecordDrop Webazine dedicated to the artists, producers, DJs, creators, listeners, readers, and writers who made it all possible! 

Indie artists tell all what does it mean to be an Artist!

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