In a writing rut? Feel like all your songs sound the same? Need inspiration?

Most artists have lost their motivation to create new music during the pandemic.

We get it, writing songs is hard. Searching for the right lyrics, the perfect beat, it’s not easy. Especially when our fans demand new music. To meet this demand, sometimes we default to the sound we are most comfortable with. A sound that we can make over and over again.

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can feel monotone not just for our listeners but for ourselves. So, how do we push our musical limits? How do we get out of our comfort zones?

Listen to new music, as simple as that.

The first step is listening to music. I know, this seems obvious but hear me out! When we listen to music, our brains record everything we hear, even if we aren’t aware of it. They have the capacity to record thousands of musical ideas. But if we are only listening to the same four songs, then we are limiting those ideas. So, we must push ourselves as listeners if we want to push ourselves as artists. These songs might just come to influence our latest work, if not directly than subconsciously.

So, how do we go about finding new music? RecordDrop has the answer. In our listening room, we deliver you the latest music.

Each month RecordDrop will give you access to the latest drops that feature your new favorite artists and tracks. Basically, an inspiration overload. Remember the more you push yourself as a listener, the more you can push yourself as an artist!

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