Sometimes when you have faith and trust the process you go with the flow.  In this process you can organically make the right connections. This is exactly how we can best describe our random WyldKard encounter with International Dominican Artist Laura Noble.  In this interview we had the opportunity to learn more about Laura Noble the artist and Independent Label Noble Nation Records Co-owner. In this chill laid back interview we discuss her music, challenges, and words of wisdom to other independent artists worldwide.  

Laura Noble was born in the Dominican Republic, lived in Bronx NY as a kid, then grew up in Kansas City, Missouri where we randomly ran into her.  Laura is making noise globally with her music and collaborations with artist Tech-9Quimico Ultra Mega, and Marucci.  It was an honor to interview Laura and learn about her dedication to her craft, her goals as an artist and the legacy she wants to leave behind with her music and label Noble Nation Records.  

Watch the Full Version of the Laura Noble interview here and see her receive her WyldKard x RecordDrop Artist Appreciation Surprise. 

Full Interview

Artist Laura Noble 
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