Sunday, September 26th, 2021

Artist Spotlight: TikTok’s Singer-Songwriter Superstar RUSUR

Independent artists spend their entire careers hoping and praying that their talent can be seen by millions of fans around the world.

For award-winning songwriter RUSUR though, his vibrant vocals and immense talent were all he needed to gain 50,000 fans on TikTok in 2 weeks.

There is a clear reason why his talent rose to the top of hundreds of thousands’ TikTok for you pages (including mine).

Goodbye language barriers and mumbling lyrics you can’t understand, because RUSUR creates his own English remix of everyone’s favorite international songs. He has a dedication and motivation to define music not on its language of origin, but what it truly is, melodies and stories that unite us all.

Aside from his social media success, RUSUR has acclaimed a number of awards for his mainstream collaborations, along with the original music behind the beloved Beyblade series.

RecordDrop had the pleasure of getting to know the artist behind the TikTok stardom and learn some gems all independent artists can admire.

“Is there a meaning behind the name RUSUR?”
The name RUSUR is a nod to my Francophone background which is
why the brand colour is red (Rouge), and let’s be honest…
Palindromes are just so aesthetic!

“Who were the biggest musical influences in your life?”
My biggest influences are artists who defy the boundaries that are
traditionally set such as Will Smith, Pharrell Williams, Anderson .Paak,
AURORA, and more! People who are looking towards the future are
people I like to keep around.

“What motivates you to keep creating and working on new
music projects?”

To me, this talent holds a lot of responsibility because, at the end of
the day, we’re primarily raised by entertainment. I feel there’s a duty
to be the best role model I can be so that people can use my life
and experiences as a blueprint on how to live a fulfilling life! The
more things I involve myself in, the more people will turn their eyes,
which means more chances to inspire!

“Artists like yourself are usually so busy! How would you describe
your perfect day?”

A perfect day is one where I can strike a balance between being
super productive, and spending it with people that mean the most in
my life! A little bit of progress, and a little bit of comfort. Perfect.

“What is something your fans might not know about you?”
I’ve spent the last 5 years creating an elaborate scavenger hunt for
people to have fun while discovering all the projects I’ve done over
the years in the industry; down the rabbit hole, you’ll find my songs
on Cyberpunk 2077, my theme song for Beyblade, me in a boyband,
me in a duo, and even my trap alter ego…

“Why did you decide to join RecordDrop?”
I think the service that’s being provided on RecordDrop is unique
and has the potential to become something really cool! I’m excited to
become more involved and help it get to higher places as much as I

Listen to RUSUR’s title track “Best Man” now on and stay connected to his new projects by following his Instagram @ITSRUSUR

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