Sunday, September 26th, 2021

Choosing A Path to Stardom: Psyche of Sound

Music was always part of the plan for the visionary artist Psyche of Sound, even if it meant taking a different path to stardom.

Psyche of Sound gets candid on what motivates him on RecordDrop Sessions.

Each time he enter the stage, it’s as if he carries each piece of his history with him.  

Exposed to different sounds and instruments, while growing up during some of the most legendary decades in music, Psyche of Sound knew that his love for music never really had a beginning, and would definitely not have an end. 

Without a teacher, he began picking up any instrument you could think of, mastering it, and writing music from his heart. 

“Most artists would begin their career by performing covers of music legends. For me, I don’t think I have ever performed a cover of someone else’s song, yet.” 

While building up a portfolio of music, which has now grown to singles, E.P.’s, and albums (including his new album on the way), we learn from Psyche during our RecordDrop Sessions interview, that music wasn’t his only talent as a youth. 

Surprising to us, Psyche of Sound explains, “I was actually a track star…unlike most, I loved running!” Eventually however, he would need to choose: “When it comes down to it, will I still pursue music?” 

In our exclusive interview, Psyche of Sound shares what helped him to flourish in his music and track careers. He also drops a few gems based on his years of experience in the music business. indie artists this is one interview you don’t want to miss. 

Watch Psyche of Sound drop gems for all indie artists to hear during his interview with Savannah and Zaria.
The exlcusive unplugged performanced of Psyche of Sound’s newest single’s “Leave or Stay”.

Listen to Psyche of Sound’s discography and latest tracks on and connect with our cover artist on his Instagram @psycheofsound

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