DM, 20$, shout outs, buy, followers! Today, artists only think of these words when thinking of ways to grow their fanbase.

What do all of these words have in common? No matter how great that “Like” or follow number looks, the music that artists work so hard to create oftentimes goes unheard. However, there’s good news. At RecordDrop, our free service helps your music get the attention it deserves.

Releasing an EP? Put your best foot forward!

One of the keys to a successful EP Release requires more than just having good music.

Ask yourself, does my track list flow in a way that makes a listener want to keep listening? Do my album cover and personal profile look aesthetically pleasing and authentic? Does my music need any fine-tuning? Is the recording, mix, and mastering up to standard?

Having a strong presentation can make a difference when it comes to listener engagement.

How do I get my music discovered? puts your music directly into the hands of potential fans from around the world who are looking for music like yours. We bring new fans to you. Gone are the days where you must promote yourself on social media sites to get people to listen to your music.

Where can I post my music to get noticed? helps you Grow your Fanbase. You will receive Realtime feedback, Reports/Analytics and Connect to individual fans or Group messages to multiple fans based on demographics. 

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