Most artists strive to convey their message, struggles, and feelings through their lyrics. However, for Jazz Trumpeter Arnetta Johnson, that dream came true early in her career as she shared a sound that spoke louder than words.

Sweeping stages nationwide alongside music’s greatest (like Queen Beyonce) and defying what it means to be a world star, Arnetta always knew that her trumpet would take her way beyond the classroom where she crafted her musical skills

Named by NPR as one of its “20 Artists to Watch”  and releasing her confidently titled debut album, If You Hear a Trumpet, It’s Me, Arnetta is showing young musicians that you don’t have to be like everyone else to make it big. All you need is your instrument and a determination to, not just share a stage, but to own it.

RecordDrop had the privilege of interviewing this showstopping performer and take a closer look at the artistry behind the iconic boom of her trumpet.

Watch the exclusive interview now on the RecordDrop YouTube Channel

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