Wednesday, October 20th, 2021

Meet The Team: Marketing Specialist Savannah

Today we are excited to introduce everyone to our Marketing Specialist Savannah!

When we first met, Savannah was dreading the idea of going through four years of college and working a part-time job without having an outlet to express her creative side.

I remember how she used to always be late to work because the night before she would spend too much time in bed making an Instagram post. As I listened to her speak I could see her passion for creating content. Even though she didn’t have many followers at the time, she wanted her small number of followers to feel safe, like they were joining her family. Which explains why she would take hours striving to make the perfect Instagram post ( something she still tries to do even now LOL) 

When Savannah first heard about RecordDrop, she fell in love with the idea, so much that she literally fainted. I knew right away that she was the perfect person to take on the role of Marketing Specialist. 

Since joining RecordDrop Savannah has been a major force in helping us grow our social media presence, and has been instrumental in developing the RecordDrop Webazine that thousands of people now enjoy.

As our Marketing specialist, Savannah knows the impact that RecordDrop can have on helping recording artists achieve their dreams of music industry success, and she has the talent, drive, determination, and skills to help make their dreams a reality. 

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