Sunday, September 26th, 2021

Iman Deciphers Her New EP “Decipher”

When it comes to music there are two types of artists, those who are born with the gift of music and those who spend their life striving to obtain that gift. RnB recording artist Iman is definitely the former, the true definition of a prodigy born with a natural gift for singing, producing, and songwriting. 

In last month’s Webazine we had the pleasure of introducing Iman in our Artist Drop Series giving our readers the opportunity to be the first to learn about this dynamic new artist. In this month’s RecordDrop Session, Iman discusses her new EP “Decipher”, breaking down the meanings behind tracks that we’ve all come to love. 

Congratulations on your debut and new EP, “Decipher”! For those who  haven’t  gotten to know you yet, who is IMAN? 

I am someone trying to capture the art of sound in my own way! And as an evolving artist, my sound is continuing to change. There is still so much to learn. 

There are 5 songs on your EP, each one tells a different story. In a few words, how would you describe each one?

1. Counterfeit: Fake people, put others down, to hide their insecurities. 

2. Sic:  turning out to be the person you’d never thought you be. This anxiety imprisons your mind and keeps you up at night.  

3. Take Time: We all take our time for granted even when we know we don’t get second chances.  

4. Same: Finding out your love doesn’t look at you the same because they are actually looking at your friend instead. Now you can’t look at your friend the same. 

5. KD: Expressing how someone makes you feel even though they are clueless about what you’re trying to say.  

Your music video for your title track “Counterfeit” is literally out of this world! What was the inspiration behind the futuristic portrayal?

Unfortunately, COVID prevented us from doing our original idea. But we wanted to still highlight the counterfeit or fake theme. So putting me in a VR headset represented that I was forced to live in a world that looked nice to live in, but because I knew it was fake, it wasn’t worth living in. So I escape only to find out that I’m a clone, which made me fake as well. A little far fetched, but we had to make a video despite our limitations.  

What can we all look forward to for IMAN? 

Hopefully, in the future, I can still give you all more music to listen to! In the meantime, you can stay updated during my musical journey through my Instagram page imans_music. 

Iman opens up about what influenced her new EP, and how to overcome fake friendship, doubts, and success.
Iman performs an unplugged version of “Same” off her new EP Decipher.

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