Wednesday, October 20th, 2021

Music, A Form of Therapy for COVID-19 Patients

Written by Nancy Sanchez-Diaz

Whether it’s watching television, listening to music, or reading books: those having to quarantine because of COVID-19 have been turning to the arts now more than ever to help keep them sane.

However – for most battling the virus, music is proving to be a particularly soothing treatment for worn-down spirits, agitation, and fatigue.

For Kenny Lo, who was one of the first to have been exposed to COVID-19 back in March, music played an important role in his recovery.

“While I did turn to television and video games as an escape, music had a different effect on me during lockdown,” Lo said in a phone interview.

“As a listener, music has the power to give you life, joy, and hope no matter what it is that you’re going through. Without it, the world is extraordinarily quiet, and the silence deafening.”

When comparing music to video games and television, Lo noted that the later options were a form of escape, whereas music kept him firmly grounded in reality – helping him draw on the more positive emotions.

“I listened to a lot of Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran because their music is very upbeat and positive,” Lo continued. “Their music emphasized the necessary themes needed to get through a rough and unpredictable time like the pandemic.”

I, too, agree with Lo.

As I head into day eight of pounding headaches and an extreme sensitivity to light, my usual form of escape, television, has not been a viable option for me during recovery.

Music has been there for me in ways it never really has before: listening to Bad Bunny and Selena have not only helped lift me out of the usual funks of hopelessness, but their upbeat and empowering style to music have even helped me forget about my own physical symptoms: the fatigue, the lethargy, the headaches.

In fact, bringing virtual concerts to hospitalized COVID-19 patients has become a common form of therapy around the nation, offering brief moments of comfort and distraction for those walking a fine line between life and death.

Even for those like me that had never quite touched into the raw power of music before, it’ll be hard not to look at music any differently moving forward.

And it is for this reason that I decided to be RecordDrop’s guest writer for this month’s edition of their Webazine. Thanks to RecordDrop, music fans have a convenient way to discover thousands of talented recording artists – bringing a sense of hope, joy, and peace to those who may need it most.

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