For this month’s “Meet the Team” segment, I will tell you a story about one of our RecordDrop team member that has made a significant impact on me as well as the rest of the team (get your tissue boxes ready, an employee is about to get sentimental!).  

At a time when I doubted my creative abilities, our Multi-Media Specialist Zaria, encouraged me to believe in myself which helped me to grow my confidence at RecordDrop. 

Let me explain. 

On the first day we met, I told Zaria that one of my hobbies was editing and designing photos. Anyone else would have said, “Oh that’s nice!” and carry along with the conversation. 

Right after I said that though, she gave me a photo and asked me to design it on the spot. I wasn’t confident in my work, nonetheless, I felt like I could make a good impression with my amateur edit!  

“Wow, I like it!” she said loudly. My jaw dropped. “Really, you do?” 

 Almost a year after that day, Zaria has become much more than a motivator, a co-worker, and Multi-Media and Marketing teammate, but she is also an amazing friend to all.  

Her energizing, creative, and highly organized mind is truly the glue that keeps the team together. More significantly FYI to all our readers, she is the brain-child behind all the YouTube and Social Media video content. As our Multi-Media Specialist, Zaria ensures that our unique content continues to have a captivating impact on thousands of RecordDrop music fans around the world. 

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