Wednesday, October 20th, 2021

Meet The Team: CEO Steve Keitt

“Even when you have nothing, what you have left is your confidence.”

Readers and followers of our social media handles might notice that the phrase, “Promote. Connect. Grow,” permeates most of our content. The meaning behind it goes beyond RecordDrop’s platform.

Since I first began working at RecordDrop, our CEO and Co-Founder Steve Keitt made it a mission to not only make sure Indie artists could build confidence in their music, but also that his employees likewise build confidence in themselves, their careers, and the work they do.  Regular pep-talks, appraisal, and words of advice are just the building block of what differentiates our CEO from the rest.

We interviewed him to give our readers an opportunity to meet our Chief Executive Officer

“Introduce yourself to our Webazine Readers and explain your musical background.”

My name is Steve Keitt (pronounced Kit). I’ve been producing music professionally for over 30 years. I’m also the CEO of RecordDrop.

“What made you take music so seriously at such a young age? What were the challenges? “

I had a tough childhood. At the age of 13 when I discovered that I had a talent for music it became my passion and my escape.

“Since this month’s Webazine is focused on what makes everyone fall in love with music, what made you fall in love with music?”

I loved music because it gave me a voice. It allowed me to express myself through songs and more importantly it grounded me and gave me purpose in life.

“What are some things that have influenced the music you have made over the years?”

Spirituality, appreciation for the value of strong family and good friends, a heightened awareness of what’s going on in the world around me.

RecordDrop is catered to indie artists, why did you want to create a platform for independent artists that have not been discovered yet?”

Because there is a lot of good music out there and it needs to be heard. I know how it feels to face obstacles that stand in the way of you succeeding at something you love. If you have talent, if you make good music, or sing like a dream the world deserves to hear from you. Nothing should get in the way of that. That’s why you should sign up to

Get to know more about our CEO and Co-Founder in one of his exclusive interviews with OneOnHiphop!

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