Sunday, September 26th, 2021

Pirate Radio To The World Stage: The New York legends DJ Sonic of TheWonder Twinz

There is always a buzz of excitement when we hear about all the featured artists we have lined up for Sessions.

Last issue we focused on young, up and coming artists, but this month we had a special opportunity to speak with a DJ legend all indie artists can learn from: DJ Sonic of the Wonder Twinz.

Let’s say the Wonder Twinz didn’t have a typical start to their careers.

“We would buy the airtime from this guy that has a radio transmitter in his living room and set up our turntables there. He told people it was an air purifying system! The superintendent of the building, who was a hiphop head also joined…and said, “I like to DJ, you give me a show, and we’re good to go.”

The sibling duo hopped on the radio waves to make their own show that gained,” a lot of noise quickly”, from one night a week to five. Soon enough, they started selling airtime to other DJs, becoming a household name in New York City radio.

As their careers boomed with success, they created the magazine that music lovers NEEDED to have: The ConneX List. Each issue featured an artist and revealed the business side of the industry that artists craved to be a part of.

This is only the tip of the iceberg for these DJ legends.

Artists usually boast about when they were at their highest, but in our interview with Wonder Twinz DJ Sonic, he focused on how their humble beginnings and persistence made them who they are, then and now. 

“The one thing I want artists to take away from this type of story is when you do that (music) for a while, you would think that “it’s not working, I should stop. But it’s the persistence a lot of times that will take you to the next level.”

To hear his entire story, watch DJ Sonic’s RecordDrop Session for more gems that all indie artists could benefit from.

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