Wednesday, October 20th, 2021


You’re driving home, listening to the same playlist, with the same songs, that makes you feel the same way every time. Not even the shuffle button could spice things up. 

Or maybe you’re an indie artist with a song you’ve been working on that sounds like the next big hit, but you don’t want your sound to get lost in the cloud

That’s when we drop in.

RecordDrop was founded on the idea that it shouldn’t be hard for indie artists to get new fans and for music fans to find new artists, the main focus should be the music. Our CEO, Steve Keitt, was in the music industry for 20 years and throughout his career saw the need for a solution to both problems.

He knew so many talented artists that were struggling to build their own fan base and wanted to create a platform to fit the needs of indie artists in every genre for free. As a life-long music lover, our CEO was also determined to make a music listening experience that wouldn’t need shuffling and skipping, always streaming the genres that you love. is the solution.

Want to join as an exclusive artist before our launch or sign up as a listener to experience the future of indie music?

Go to our main page, create an account, choose your genres, and upload as an artist to unlock free promotion or as a listener to hear some of our pre-launch artists.

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