Wednesday, October 20th, 2021

“Stood Up by SZA?” Our Energetic VP of Talent and Business Relations Jamel Lamar.

When you think about a company meeting, probably the first image that comes to your head is drooping eyes and snores heard from the back of the room. If we are going to be honest, strategizing, coding, and the little details that go into growing a platform are not always the most ‘fun’ conversations. 

That’s until our VP of Artist and Talent Relations, Jamel Lamar, starts speaking. No matter if the meeting is virtual, face-to-face, or even over email. Jamell makes every team interaction an energetic and memorable one. His goal with each meeting is that every employee enters with a smile and leaves with one. Collaboration might even be his middle name, because with any small idea that’s brought to the table, he makes sure it’s heard and will grow into something big. 

In this month’s Meet the Team, you will get a peek into the day and life of the energetic, mood boosting VP of Artist and Talent. 

“Welcome to your own Meet the Team segment! Explain to our readers what your role is at RecordDrop? 

My role at RecordDrop is Vice President of Talent and Business Relations.  I handle our strategic relationships with artists, advertising clients, and partners. 

“What made you interested in joining the RecordDrop team?” 

It was RecordDrop’s mission to empower all independent artists and record labels, of every genre, and their ability to change the definition of success. 

  “What is your music background?” 

I grew up around music being that my father is a musician and producer who worked with legends such as Luther Vandross and Whitney Houston. My uncle also is a DJ, A&R, radio producer, and manager. Following both of them around all the time made me develop my own love for music, which lead me to building my own career in entertainment working for companies like Sony, Music Choice, CBS Radio, Power 105.1 FM, Sirius XM, and now RecordDrop. 

What made you fall in love with music?” 

Not only was music a family tradition but it’s a language everyone speaks. We may not all speak the same or rather listen to the same genre of music, but we all have that one we connect with and live through. Music is truly universal.  If you’re fortunate, you are able to connect to many genres. With music there will never be a way not to express yourself.  

What’s one fact that no one on the RecordDrop teams knows about you?” 

One fact no one knows about on the team is when I worked at Sony, I asked Sza on a date. She said yes, but never got back to me, so we can make it happen. So, I had to just accept a rain check. I do look forward to taking her up on that one if I am not in a committed partnership already.   

Watch Jamel’s early interview with our CEO, Steve Kitt, to get a glimpse into his energy boosting contribution to the team! 

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