Wednesday, October 20th, 2021

“Don’t Think Outside The Box.” WYLDKARD LYFESTYLE

What is WyldKard?  
“A WyldKard is and stands for (Woke. Youthful. Limitless. Drive. Creates. Anything. Reality. Desires) WyldKard Lyfestyle is a positive creative lifestyle brand that believes there aren’t any limitations to what you create. Don’t think outside the box, stand out of it and create something out of that box. Normal routines and being a carbon copy with art, music, food, fashion and life is boring and basic!” 

“Don’t be afraid to be unique and do what makes you happy. Ignite that inner beast inside you to fuel your intrinsic motivation into whatever you love to do. Our slogan Ignite The Beast  (#ITB) is to inspire people to create, accomplish goals and manifest dreams. A portion of all proceeds from our official January 2021 launch will go to our non-profit efforts giving back to the community and helping Veterans. ” 

What made you want to start WYLDKARD?  
Losing everything in a fire in Jan 2019 in Atlanta was a key factor that pushed us harder to build something from the ground up that we owned.

We knew that we both were very talented and creative with many hats we could fill. We knew that the average millionaire had at least 7 streams of income, and we wanted to start adding streams to our portfolio.  A 9-5 nor corporate America was no longer something that we wanted. We wanted financial freedom and flexibility within our lifestyles. Creating WyldKard Lyfestyle together continues to have a bigger impact than ourselves. We wanted to build a legacy and help break cycles within our families. Family is very important to us. We started the company first through food with our personal chef prepared meal prep company Kwan’s Katering.

We started creating new and innovative high vibrational plant based and healthy foods out to the community. We then added another essential product to our business, water from Nature’s Big Spring out of Calhoun, Georgia: some of the best Premium Pure Alkaline Spring Water on the market. We plan to host small intimate events nationwide, where people can experience our immune boosting foods, alkaline water, WyldKard products and Record Drop music.” 

What did you see in RecordDrop that made you want to collaborate with us?  
We saw the long-term vision from owner Steve Kitt that resonated with our vision. We wanted to collaborate with a black owned technology platform that focused on helping artist discovery. We both are BMI songwriters, musicians, and tastemakers in the music and entertainment industry. We have also managed artists, producers, and DJs worldwide throughout our careers. Shortly after our fire in January 2019, our own down south artist Hundo Grand, who we had been developing a relationship with for years and also had a history of writing and producing with big A-list artist, was tragically killed in a car accident by a drunk driver. Collaborating with RecordDrop not only allows us to still run our other businesses but also stay connected to the music industry and help artist all while having a platform we can properly release our late artist music so his family and friends can still remember him by. This collaboration means a lot to us. We can’t wait to share all his amazing music on our RecordDrop page soon! 

What can you expect to see from WYLDKARD? 
You can expect to see a little of everything from WYLDKARD. We are a versatile company that has its hands in the arts, fashion, music, food and wellness. You can stay connected not so much on social media (IG @beckybomber, @kookingwkwan, @wyldkardlyfestle) but by staying connected with us directly at 816-208-8544. This is our direct community number, and we want people to expect more organic and real content from us.  We believe there is no limit to what you can do. We also help host a weekly open mic in Kansas City through Euro Productions which is our family business.  

Artist that send us hot music via our Record Drop page can expect to hear it on our WyldKard Top Indie Music Chart in addition to it being played here in Kansas City during our weekly social events. We welcome all genres of music so don’t forget to submit! We will also give artist honest feedback.  

Describe the RecordDrop x Wyldkard collaboration and how it works

The collaboration between RecordDrop x WyldKard is to bring awareness to both brands. Through user sign-ups and engagement both brands will be able to create new relationships to build their tribe. New users visit and sign up as referred by WyldKard to be eligible to get their music promoted on additional Wyldkard platforms and channels.  If we happen to be in your city and you are eligible you will be sent a special invite to RecordDrop x WyldKard events.  

We are all looking forward to what’s in store for WyldKard Lyfestyle! 

We are all looking forward to what’s in store for WyldKard Lyfestyle!

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