Wednesday, October 20th, 2021

“Behind the Zendrum.” Artist Drop: Psyche of Sound

The word artist can mean many things in the creative word. This month’s Artist Drop might just be it all: Psyche of Sound.

Pyche of Sound performance with the Zendrum.

Just like the title of his album, “Jack of All Trades,” this musician, artist, entertainer, and visionary has led his career like no other. 

We got to interview Psyche of Sound to learn about what defines his career and what advice he would to artists just kicking of theirs. 

What’s the story behind your name? 

“Well, I saw the word Psyche in English class and saw it meant soul, mind and body. That really resonated with me. I loved that Michael Jackson was the King of Pop, but I didn’t want to claim a genre because I felt that they all were a part of me. So ‘Sound’ is what I chose and I liked the acronym P.O.S. which is short for positivity.” 

Your music explores different genres and sounds, what is the inspiration behind your music? 

“Growing up I was exposed to a lot of music in my home life. I also grew up in the suburbs and went to a diverse school so that helped mold me into what I am now. Prince played a big part in my creating music where hip hop played a big part in my writing it. In rap music growing up you have to have something to say or tell a story and I love lyrics. I learned to write by stealing my older brother’s songs he wrote and tried to make my own.” 

You are known for playing the “Zendrum”. What is it and why did you start playing this unique instrument? 

“The zendrum is a midi controller that was created to give drummers the freedom to move around on stage like a guitar player and singer. I first saw an early model in a music magazine and fell in love with the look due to my taste for unique and interesting gadgets, but what finally sold me is that it was a Midi controller with no built-in sounds. So essentially, I could put what I wanted on it and create my own style. I was making all my music on an Akai MPC and I saw the Zendrum being the gadget that can give me that same energy but be able to also sing and dance while playing beats and triggering samples.” 

You’re skilled with many instruments, but if you could play only one, what would it be? 

“Very hard to say. I’m so used to doing so much to paint my picture. But if I have to choose it would have to be guitar because of how easy it is to get my ideas out.”  

What was the defining moment that made you want to become an artist? 

“I was already writing songs, and rapping with my best friend Shawn, but it wasn’t until it one day hit me after watching Bobby Brown perform at the soul train Awards. It was the first time I realized that, that was a job and people made a living off of it. From that day on it was no longer wanting to be a veterinarian because I liked animals or a scientist because I like experiments, it was I wanted to be a recording artist.” 

When anyone takes a look at your shows, theybfind it spectacular! What is the preparation process like for your performances? 

It usually comes to me in visions. It’s hard to explain, but when someone is talking to me, I can see everything like I’m watching a movie. So, when I learn of a venue and I know the place, I’m thinking, “I can come in a side door or from behind the curtain!” and then start staging the show in my mind. Then I will walk around and listen to my songs in order. I want to perform them for the days leading up to rehearsals, so when I get the band in the room, I can start the process of placing them for each song. Every show should be unique and a joyous experience for the viewer. I want the person who brought someone else to see my show because they liked it, to get to see something new themselves. The element of surprise is key (outfit change, new guitars, dancers, etc)! 

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be? 

My dream collaborators are unfortunately gone too soon, however there are a lot. It’s a vibe I guess, and that vibe could change per project or song. However, with that being said I would love to work with someone like The Drones, Janelle Monae, Lenny Kravits, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Missy Elliot, Daddy Yankee, J Balvin, Niky jam, Kanye west, and Drake to name a few. I also would love to work with icons and legends that paved the way for people like me such as Janet Jackson, Shelia E, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, John Melloncamp and Geroge Clinton again to name a few. Sorry that’s a hard answer lol 

What advice would you give indie artists that are trying to get their music heard, and why do you use RecordDrop to share your music? 

New artists, I would push originality is key and persistence matched with patience. This does not happen overnight and everyone’s journey to success varies. If you’re doing it because you love it, then you’re on the right path because you’re enjoying the creative process. That energy will reflect in your art. ” 

Record Drop is a great platform not just for new artists, but for established or successful independent artists as well. Breaking a new single to a community of people that can give you genuine feedback and recommend it to others is powerful. Also, it’s a great way to discover new music and equally get yours discovered by people outside your normal circle with their listening room feature.” 

Hear Psyche of Sound’s record-breaking tracks on your Artist or Listener account on 

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