Wednesday, October 20th, 2021

Meet The Team: Our CTO and Co Founder Ian Pitt

It was our first company meeting and of course, I had the “new employee-itus”: clammy hands, adrenaline up the roof, and voice cracking.

Just hearing about the two talented individuals that would be my bosses made me terrified.

Ian Pitt, the CFO and Co-founder, was a tech genius behind all the innovative elements of RecordDrop. How could I contribute to a company like that?

Thankfully, the intimating image in my head was completely wrong. Once I heard his witty remarks and easy going personality, I knew I got a job within the right company.

I can honestly say that the Co-Founders of RecordDrop are the most knowledgeable, understanding, overall amazing bosses and mentors I could ever have.

Today, you have the treat of getting to know our CFO and RecordDrop Co-Founder Ian Pitt!

Introduce yourself and tell us a little about your background.

I’m the Chief Technology Officer and one of the founders at RecordDrop. I love music and technology. RecordDrop provides the opportunity to combine the two. I’ve been immersed in the tech industry for over two decades. I’ve also owned and operated a tech company in the past.

What made you interested in Co-founding a company like RecordDrop?

The main thing that stood out to me regarding the RecordDrop idea is the desire to help the little guy, the independent artist. Generally speaking, musicians would much prefer to focus on music. RecordDrop affords them that opportunity by making the tech side and promotion easier.

As head of technology, are there any setbacks in managing an innovative app like RecordDrop?

I wouldn’t call them setbacks. They are challenges to be faced, obstacles to overcome. One of the goals of our tech is to make complicated task easy to achieve. Balancing ease of use with features.

Why do you believe is the solution for indie artists and music listeners alike?

It is the only platform that is focused on helping the artist to promote rather than simply viewing them as a customer or a product. Listeners benefit from the selectivity evident in the music they are presented with. Our platform also goes a far way in putting the fans in contact with the music and musician that they have come to appreciate.

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