Wednesday, October 20th, 2021


There is no cause for alarm for new folk infused duo Betty&Veronica (a.k.a. Liv and Easten), who just released their debut single “Causeway Coast” in the middle of a world health crisis. 

Betty&Veronica At A Glance

Once the duo entered the RecordDrop studio to get ready for their Session, they were humming and singing Ed Sheeran’s “Galway Girl” to shake off the pre-podcast jitters. Their perfect harmony and unspoken chemistry was undeniable.

As our staff set up the cameras before the live, it was like seeing the switch flipped from two ambitious teens into serious artists: fine-tuning their voices, testing high notes, and closing their eyes to feel the music they were about to share to the world.

“We’re ready!”

Their extremely catchy (seriously, we cannot get it out of our heads) single “Causeway Coast” transports you to Ireland, with lyrics that embrace the liberating feeling of taking a trip to an exciting, lively, and utterly beautiful world. 

A place I think most of us fantasize of escaping to, especially now.

Defying the Mainstream

Folk-Rock might not be the genre at the top of your playlist, but this duo is determined to defy the mainstream and create their own unique sound that could seriously captivate anyone.  

There is nothing these two can’t do, and we know you all can’t wait to hear the rest of their story on RecordDrop Sessions along with their live performance and acoustic recording of “Causeway Coast”.

Here is our exclusive interview with the duo.

How did you two meet / become friends?
We met doing an English project on The Catcher in the Rye, where we realized we worked well together. Not too long after that, we went to Chipotle after school and immediately clicked. 
First impressions of each other?
Liv: Once we started talking, I knew we were going to be great friends. I saw right away that Easten was a strong and compassionate person, and that we shared similar values.
Easten: I noticed that Liv was a kind-hearted girl with good values. 
Did you expect that you two would make a duo in the future?
Not at all, we just knew that we harmonized well together. We didn’t even try songwriting until junior year!
What made you two decide to form Betty&Veronica?Easten: Liv had a really big audition for a songwriting class in our school, and I was supposed to sing harmonies for one of her songs. When we started the rehearsal process, we realized how well our voices blended. We had the stage presence and everything!
Liv: We were really good at collaborating. I was having trouble finishing the chorus to one of my songs. The melody was there, but the lyrics were not coming to me. Easten and I sat on my bed, and wrote down the true message we wanted to deliver. This way, we were a able to come up with a meaningful chorus. 
What’s one unexpected challenge you had forming a duo? Two months into the creation of our duo, COVID-19 came into our lives. It was very challenging to write over Zoom because of all the technical difficulties. It took a lot of effort to get the harmonies down. 
What’s the best part about creating music with your friend?
We know each other very well, and have a lot of respect for one another. We truly are a team, and that’s what makes creating music so easy and fun. 

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